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Sarito Barista coffee beans are one of the newest Sarito’s premium blends on the market. The mixture of Sarito coffee beans is designed to make the distinctive taste of the Arabicas suitably matched with fine quality varieties of Robusta within selected areas.

Selective Arabicas from the Brazilian and Ethiopian plantations complements the Robusta harvested in India and Vietnam.
Sarito Barista has an intense aroma with an lingering almond sub taste.

The taste of Sarito coffee is soft slowly involving to creamy tones of roasted almonds. The soft acidity of Arabica leaves on the tongue a perfectly balanced taste full of Italian coffee. Thanks to its Robusta in the mix of coffee, Sarito Barista has an elastic golden cream that creates a final impression of freshly prepared coffee.

The blend of Sarito Barista coffee beans is roasted primarily for professional coffee makers in the sector of Ho.Re.Ca for the preparation of a full body espresso, but it will also show its potential in dairy milk specialties such as cappuccino. For correct extraction, the water temperature in the range of 86-90°C is recommended.

Pack of coffee: 1 kg


1 packaging of coffee – 1 kg
1 carton = 12 kg
1 floor of pallet = 8 cartons
1 palle t= 6 floors, 48 cartons
1 pallet = 576 kg

Pallet dimensions:

Width: 80 cm
Depth: 120 cm
Height: 230 cm

 Carton dimensions:

Width: 23 cm
Depth: 50 cm
Height: 19 cm

Gross weight of pallet with coffee: 600 kg

Net weight of pallet with coffee: 576 kg

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