Private coffee

The possibility of private packaging.

Would you like to have your own private label? In addition to the Sarito coffee beans, we offer clients the ability to produce coffee according to specific requirements and taste. If you have a café, restaurant or hotel, we will be happy to help you with your own coffee brand. We will pack your coffee either in your original packaging or in a neutral foil. For private production, we provide all the support and help with the graphic features of the coffee packaging; we will organize the production of foil. We will also put the coffee in the wrapper and pack it directly in the roastery and deliver it to your address.

If you decide for the neutral colour of the foil, you can choose between black, gold, silver or red.

In addition to private coffee in a 1kg package, we are happy to make coffee in private cans in the size of 250 g; again under the logo and design of your brand.
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