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Sarito Espresso


Coffee beans Espresso coffee blend is a new type from the Sarito Coffee brand. It is a blend of coffee beans suitably combined to obtain a balanced flavour of espresso. This mixture is due to the ratio of the coffee beans – Arabica varieties (Arabica Brazil Santos) and three varieties of Robusta (Cherry India, Uganda and Vietnam).

Aroma Espresso coffee Sarita also has a chocolate, hazelnut aroma with a hint of walnuts with moderate acidity. Thanks to Arabica Brazil Santos coffee the flavour is stronger, more aromatic and slightly sweet. Robusta coffee gives the coffee a strong earthy body, creaminess of texture and caffeine. All of these combinations make for the coffee’s well balanced flavour, perfectly creamy and without significant acidity.

Coffee beans Espresso Sarito is suitable for automatic coffee makers and professional lever coffee. For correct extraction sufficient water temperature should be around 87 ° C. If you prefer dense and full espresso, coffee Sarito Espresso is the perfect choice.

Coffee packaging: 1 kg


1 packaging of coffee – 1 kg
1 carton = 12 kg
1 floor of pallet = 8 cartons
1 palle t= 6 floors, 48 cartons
1 pallet = 576 kg

Pallet dimensions:

Width: 80 cm
Depth: 120 cm
Height: 230 cm

 Carton dimensions:

Width: 23 cm
Depth: 50 cm
Height: 19 cm

Gross weight of pallet with coffee: 600 kg

Net weight of pallet with coffee: 576 kg

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